Building a Software Engineering Team from Scratch

We live in an age of technology and software giants, some of which have reached unfathomable levels of wealth and value.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, and more. But what do they all have in common? Luck? Vision? Drive? Leadership? Sure, any successful company will have some blend of all those and more. But early on it's about more than the product and vision, it's about having the right team in place to put your mission into motion and your vision into reality.

Teamwork, as they say, makes the dream work.

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Motivating Engineering Teams

It’s hard to overemphasize just how important it is to have committed, enthusiastic team willing to put it all on the line, day in and day out. A highly-motivated work force can overcome obstacles and spark growth and creative solutions that can set you apart from the competition (especially in your company’s early stages).

But with most engineers simply “punching a ticket” every day, employers and organizations are looking for ways to engage and motivate their employees in ways that align the goals of both the team member and the organization.

Shockingly, according to a 2013 Gallup study covering the United States job market, “Over 70 percent of employees are not engaged in their jobs.”

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About us

API Canary is a serverless production testing platform that allows developers and dev ops engineers to build and deploy custom production Canary Tests that go beyond the standardized testing tools available on the market today and directly test the business specific pieces of a company’s infrastructure that matter most.

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