Catch Outages

Before Your Customers Do

Deploy Canary Tests to our platform to monitor the APIs and product components that matter most to your business.

Get Notified
When our free private beta program opens

Directly test your mission critical infrastructure

Production Outages Happen

Shopping carts break, SSL Certs expire, search indexes go out of date. It happens to everyone

And it's expensive!

Write Canary Tests

Write production Canary Tests and deploy them to the API Canary platform via our web builder or via GIT

Each test is executed on a repeating schedule. Use them to test the specific components of your production infrastructure that drive your business

Define Alert Rules

When one of your Canary Tests detects an error, an alert can be sent via any of our notification channels to your support or dev-ops team

Visualize Results

Build custom dashboards to visualize Canary Test results. Identify trends and share results with your team